Pilot projects in several European countries have proven that the technologies for the highly energy efficient retrofit of school buildings are available. Yet the common practice within communities shows that far from all possibilities for energy savings are implemented. The project will develop an overview on the available building and system retrofit technologies for energy efficient school buildings including their impact on the energy performance and indoor environment quality as knowledge base for all designers and planners of school buildings. Municipalities all over Europe can use the results of the technology screening and can find useful technologies for their specific school buildings.



A school typology based on factors such as year of construction, geometry, utilisation, building and system technologies will be developed (taking into account earlier work such as from IEA Annex 36) and reference buildings will be set up for the most typical schools. A survey of retrofit technologies for improved energy performance and indoor environment quality will be made. The impact of various measures will be analysed with calculation and simulation for the selected type buildings regarding energy use, indoor environment quality, investment and operational costs.



  • Four reports on the result of the technology screening: Which retrofit technologies should be best applied at which type of school buildings in which climate?
    Report on the result of the technology screening: Germany, Italy, Denmark and Norway