Public administrations shall be supported during the decision about and planning of school retrofits by giving insights into best practice examples, lessons learned and suitable technologies. A comparison of the energy consumption of a specific school with national average consumption will facilitate the selection of schools with an urgent need for retrofit. 



The 4 demonstration projects and additional national projects will be added as best practice cases to an existing information tool developed in IEA ECBCS Annex 36/EU FP6 BRITA in PuBs. All case studies are presented in a uniform way and are therefore easy to comprehend. The results of the technology screening will be included in the tool as well. The perfomance rating tool will enable the user to compare his school buildings with national average data and with high performance buildings in the same region. An interactive database for measured values of the energy use of schools buildings will be cerated that allows for the comparison of monthly and annual data with other school buildings in the same area or region.



  • An information tool presenting the 4 demonstration buildings, a benchmarking system and a database with measured data from various school Buildings