The main school building seen from courtyard               Aerial view of the school buildings

The main school building seen from courtyard    Aerial view of the school buildings

Building diary 


Address: Iver Holters gate 48, 3041 Drammen, Norway

Building owner: Drammen Municipality

Degree Days: 4177 Kd (basis for calculation 17 °C)

Building type and size:

The school consists of three buildings: the main building, an activity building with gym and a building for school’s leisure time.

  • total floor area: 7.079 m² gross area
  • number of classrooms: 30 (25+3+2) including gym and activity rooms
  • number of pupils: 370 pupils
  • user profile: all day, and sport activities in the gym during evenings and weekends

Short description of the renovation and its purpose:

Brandengen School has a listed building from 1914, which restricts the possibilities of refurbishment of the external facades. A study will be carried out to investigate the possibilities for extra insulation of the brick facades.In order to improve the energy demand, the attic will be insulated and windows and doors will be replaced. The school is today heated by fossil fuel. The old oil burners will be replaced by a geothermal heat pump, if allowed by the district heating company, which has concession for thermal heat delivery in the area.


Energy conservation and renewable energy measures:

  • Energy conservation: Replacement of existing windows and doors with new passive house windows and doors. If the antiquarian authorities demand that the new windows should look like the old ones, with framework, it will be too expensive with passive house standard, and alternative windows with low u-values will be searched for.  Replacement of the old heating air ventilation system in building B, with a balanced, demand controlled ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery and low energy demand for fans.  It is recommendable to dig up the ground and place drainage along the entire main building, and to insulate the cellar walls under the ground with ca. 20 cm insulation.
  • Efficient energy supply: The old oil burners will be replaced, and the intention is to install a geothermal heat system. However, this measure is to be discussed with the district heating company.
  • Advanced control and monitoring: The building energy management system (BEMS) will be used to control and monitor space heating, ventilation, shading, and lighting. Night-time free cooling will be controlled by the BEMS. BEMS will also be used to monitor the energy consumption and to compare measured values with design data.


Responsible person for the demonstration project:

Geir Andersen, Drammen Real Estate Department.

Full description of the planned renovation (project proposal)


Articles and News:


Training materials:

3 sets of training material for pupilsteachers and technical service personnel available in Norwegian


Other demonstration buildings:

Italy: Tito Maccio Plauto school, Cesena

Germany: Solitude Gymnasium, Stuttgart

Denmark: Hedegårdsskolen, Ballerup

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